Group Surf + Ocean Programs

Evidence Based Practice

Our programs are underpinned by the models of early intervention, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and sensory and mindfulness-based therapies. Our programs are person led, trauma informed and experiential. We have a strong partnership with the International Surf Therapy Organisation (ISTO) whose mission statement is to “understand, grow, advocate for and equip excellence in surf therapy”. This ensures our programs are evidence based and outcome measured.

4-week Group Mental Wellness Program

For young people and adults who want to increase their mental wellbeing and social connection.

6-week Group Mental Health Program

For young people and adults with mild to moderate mental health difficulties and/or mental health diagnosis who want to learn skills to support their mental health.

Our group programs are held at Redgate Beach, Gracetown Bay or Augusta depending upon the conditions. Sessions run for approximately 2 hours.

We combine evidence based psychological intervention with ocean and surf experiences. During each session we spend time on the sand talking about various mental health topics and practicing different mental health skills. The rest of the time we spend in the water transferring learnt skills, such as breathing and mindfulness, into the ocean environment.

We provide a trauma informed, safe and inclusive environment for people to express their values and also to explore pathways to live in line with these values.

Our programs are more than just about learning to surf, they are about developing a relationship with the ocean in order to use it as a resource for mental and emotional well-being. People may choose to surf, body surf, hand plane and/or swim in sessions.