Pilot Program Evaluation

We believe evaluation is an integral aspect of providing therapy that benefits participants and fulfils our mission as a mental health not-for-profit.

Our youth mental health pilot program occurred in 2022.  We utilised standardised evaluation measures to assess the effectiveness of this program.

We saw an increase in wellbeing scores and a decrease in psychological distress scores. Feedback from participants, parents and teachers was positive.

I made new friends and helped my mental health” – Participant.

“I enjoyed being able to have fun without being judged” – Participant.

“Students appeared happier, were interacting with others more positively. Students expressed to me that they were feeling better after the program. I overheard students giving MH advice to friends using strategies they learnt in the program e.g. mindfulness, towards moves etc” – Teacher.

“xx expressed feeling accepted and cared about. He said that the facilitators were really nice to him, were interested in him & what he had to say. He said he felt like he could trust the facilitators & felt like he could talk to them, unlike his previous experiences of being in a therapeutic environment. He loved being outside and being able to move around at the same time as talking about his mental health. This is really important because he has ADHD & struggles to sit still. This program has definitely made him feel more confident and better about himself” – Parent/Participant.

We are committed to furthering our knowledge in the field of surf and ocean therapy by maintaining our evaluation processes for all programs and continuing our partnership with the International Surf therapy Organisation (ISTO).