Mission Statement

To develop and facilitate innovative mental health therapy for young people and adults via the medium of surfing, the ocean and being in nature.

Flowstate Margaret River Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2021 that aims to;

  • Decrease the stigma associated with mental health.
  • Provide accessible and innovative mental health and wellbeing support.
  • Increase early help seeking behaviours.

Flowstate has developed out of our love of the ocean and surfing but also our passion for increasing mental health awareness within our community.  We hope to help reduce some of the stigma that people experience related to mental health difficulties, so that they feel safe to speak more openly about the challenges they face. Resulting in people accessing support to suit their needs.

Our programs are designed to reduce barriers for people accessing mental health support, whilst increasing outcomes related to mental and emotional wellbeing, social connectedness and community engagement. Our programs provide mental health and wellbeing support outside of a traditional mental health setting.  Not everyone feels comfortable engaging in a clinical setting, our programs support people’s learning and engagement via the sensory environment.

Our programs are based on the model of early intervention. By increasing our knowledge and awareness of our own mental health we can implement strategies and seek support before the situation becomes worse. Our programs aim to develop a relationship with the ocean in order to use it as a resource to support your mental and emotional well-being.

Ultimately, our hope is that these programs will support your ability to engage in a life that is uniquely meaningful to you and allow you to better cope with the challenges of our ever-evolving world. 

Brooke, Rob + Fynn.


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Brooke Paterson


Rob West

Program Manager/Co-Founder

Fynn Mueller

Program Manager/Co-Founder

The Flowstate Team

Brooke Paterson


Brooke grew up near Fremantle and spent much of her youth at the beach body surfing and body boarding at Scarborough, Trigg and in Margaret River when holidaying with her family. She learnt to surf a little later in life and she truly doesn’t know what she did with her time before she started surfing. Brooke relocated to Margaret River in 2016. Brooke has enjoyed traveling to various surf locations, particularly enjoying the more remote ones, which allows for disconnection from the modern world.

Brooke has an undergraduate degree in a Bachelor of Science of Occupational Therapy and post graduate qualifications in Emotion Focused Psychotherapy. She currently works in the Margaret River Community Mental Health Clinic in the youth team providing risk assessment, safety planning and therapy that focuses on emotion regulation, distress tolerance and mindfulness skills. Brooke also works privately at Fearn Health and Wellbeing, providing focused psychological therapy to young people and adults. Surfing and getting in the ocean is an essential part of the way Brooke supports her mental and emotional wellbeing. She gains great solace from the immersive experience of being in and around the ocean and finds it healing, humbling, and nourishing.

Rob West

Program Manager/Co-founder

Rob was born and raised in Margaret River and the ocean and surfing has always been an integral part of his life. His mum taught him to surf when he was 11 and he still vividly remembers the stoke following his first proper green wave at Huzzas.

He has over ten years’ experience working as a Mental Health Occupational Therapist in both Australia and the United Kingdom. He has worked in a variety of mental health roles including group therapy program, community mental health teams and inpatient unit. He has completed additional training in somatic psychotherapy, acceptance commitment therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.  He currently works for headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation as a Senior Clinical Advisor in a digital mental health program. He is passionate about early Intervention Youth mental Health and for providing individuals access to group therapy outside of the conventional clinic environment.

Fynn Mueller

Program Manager/Co-Founder

Hailing from South Australia, Fynn has always been close to the ocean. He spent his younger years on the west coast of the Eyre Peninsula, taking to the water on all sorts of craft from twin fins to longboards. The energising power of the ocean helps him stay focused, healthy, and humbled.

Fynn is a trained a teacher and has also obtained his Youth Mental Health First Aid, ASIST training and is currently studying a Certificate IV in Mental Health.

“As a teacher I know how difficult it can be for some young people to engage in a school setting. I’m really stoked to be able to use the beach and ocean as a classroom to show young people how to surf and help them learn about their mental health.  The results we have seen have been really positive and we are looking forward to running many programs into the future”.

Rob, Brooke and Fynn are all accredited Surfing WA Surf coaches, hold current working with children checks, First Aid & CPR and Ocean Rescue qualifications.